Sunday, 21 October 2012

Operation: Stash Trash - An Introduction

Hello lovelies!

As much as I hate to admit it, I have a lot of trouble throwing away makeup. That's not to say that I'm going to use that four-year-old, dried-up eyeliner in the bottom of my makeup bag, but for some reason I look at it and think, "I'm not throwing that out. Not yet." Or I'll hit pan on something and then feel like I have to stop using it before I use it all up. It makes no sense, I know, but that's just the way my brain has worked in these situations.

So, as you can probably guess, this cosmetic-hoarding of such has led to a rather messy and cluttered makeup bag and counter. I've decided it's time for a serious spring(fall) cleaning, so I've started Operation: Stash Trash. The goal is to go through my entire beauty stash(makeup, skincare, haircare) and trash anything that is old, outdated, empty, broken, or not used anymore. I will also be attempting to use up the last bits of products I've been sitting on for a while. Hopefully by the end of this project, I'll have a space that is much more organized and be able to tell what I need to replenish and what I have enough of without any old items getting in the way.

The goal is to bring Operation: Stash Trash to you in 1-3 parts, and I would love it if some of you would participate with me. They say it's easier to lose weight when you have friends to do it with, and I'm sure the same thing applies to clearing out our beloved stashes! So take the pledge to join the operation, and let me know in the comments, or even shoot me an email.

Let's do this!



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