Friday, 19 October 2012

October Wishlist

Hello lovelies!

With Halloween fast approaching and November practically breathing down my neck, I figured it's about time that I posted my monthly wishlist! It's been a little while since I did one of these, but the time is here once again! Without any further nonsense, here is my October wishlist!

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1.  Rebecca Minkoff Dameon Boots ($325,

I love brown boots in the fall, and I actually kind of dig these funky booties from Rebecca Minkoff. Of course, these babies would be a total splurge at a whopping $325, so sadly they will have to remain on my wishlist and not in my closet.

2. OPI Cuckoo For This Color Nail Polish 

Looove this deep shimmer green color for any season, and I think it would look fabulous paired with a dark red or orange dress. Unfortunately, it appears to be either sold-out or discontinued, because I can't locate it anywhere online. Boo. :(

3. Merona Double-Breasted Classic Peacoat ($50,

I fell in love with this peacoat the moment I saw it on the Target website. The length is great and I'm a huge fan of double-breasted coats. This one also comes in so many colors! The dark orange color is Lava Orange, but I would totally buy it in Waterfront Blue and Wild Cherry!

4. Buckle Strap Riding Boots ($30,

Honestly, I would wear riding boots in the middle of summer if it weren't for the 100+ heat we get over here. Now that it's cooling down, I'm starting to crave these lovely boots. What's nice about riding boots is they never seem to go out of style. Every year I see plenty of women rocking these gorgeous pieces of footwear.

5. Be-weave Me Dress ($45,

Oh, ModCloth, how I love you. This dress is so fun yet sophisticated  I love the woven-texture on the bodice, and the flirty neckline. This shape dress is flattering on most body types, and who couldn't love that cream-and-cherries color?

What's on your October wishlist? Let me know!



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