Monday, 6 August 2012

That "Hit Pan" Feeling

Hello lovelies!

If you've been using makeup for a while, or have been around the makeup/beauty blogosphere long enough, I'm sure you're familiar with the term "hitting pan."

If not, let me educate you a little bit: When you hit pan on a product, it's when you've used enough of the product that you can now see the metal or plastic pan below it.

For me, the "hit pan" feeling is a mixed one. On one hand, it feels great knowing that I'm capable of sticking with a product and using it all up, but on the other hand, it's a little sad because that means I'm getting closer to running out!

I've seen a few different bloggers do posts on some of the things they've hit pan on, and I thought I'd do one of my own. Here they are!

Covergirl Pressed Powder
When I first got this, I didn't use it very much, but over time I developed quite a love for it. It's great for using after you apply foundation. I put it over the places that foundation has a tendency to wear off- around the base of my nose, my chin, etc., and it's good for little touch-ups during the day.

Revlon Eyeshadow Quad
(I'm not sure the exact name of this quad, since the name on the label rubbed off.)
The creamy shade in this Revlon quad is probably my favorite highlight shade! It's got great pigmentation, VERY subtle shimmer so you don't have disco-brow bones, and it blends perfectly so that it looks very natural. I use a small, fluffy brush to put this on my brow bones and the inner-corners of my eyes. 

Covergirl Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow
The label also rubbed off on this one, but I'm pretty sure the color is called Firecracker. The other two shades in this trio, a bright pink and lime green, are pretty terrible, sadly. They aren't very pigmented, and just don't show up, even on my super-pale skin. However, the last shade, which is a slightly off-white color, also works pretty nicely for a highlight shade. I've found myself reaching for this a little more lately. 

Physician's Formula Organic Wear Loose Powder
GUYS. I. Might. Cry. When this runs out. It's been a trusty friend of mine for quite a while, and everything about it just works for me. The color, the texture, and even the little kabuki brush it comes with. 

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush
I have this in the shade Pink Frosting. It's a super bright, perky pink that makes me happy just looking at it. Definitely use this sparingly! A little bit on your finger blended onto the apples of your cheeks is enough to give you a fresh look. (It also shows up brighter in the sunlight- so if you're going to be outside a lot when you wear this- be reeeaaallly careful with how much you apply.)

E.L.F Eyebrow Kit
Okay, clearly the powder side of this kit is all gone- but not really! It conveniently fell from my hands and broke only minutes before I took this picture. I did, however, hit pan on that side, much like the cream side, only I use MUCH more of the powder on a daily basis than I do the cream. It's also not as dark as this picture makes it look. I think my shade is Medium, and I could probably go lighter. Anywho, this baby plus an angled brush = my brow savior.

Ulta Cool Eyeshadow Quad
This is the same quad I featured in my "Favorite Shades" post a little while back. I've hit pan on the purple and pink shadows, as you can see here. I didn't think I used the pink one that much... but apparently I do! Haha. :P 

Have you hit pan on anything recently?




  1. I haven't hit pan in anything recently! I guess I don't continue to use one product over and over. Maybe a sign I have too many colors and products hanging around? :)

  2. A few of mine look like this, but that's because a few weeks ago I had to start a new pan of a lot of my stuff. I hate that feeling when you first hit the pan and are no longer using a product, instead you are finishing it up.

    Lauren from ChickAdvisor


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