Saturday, 11 August 2012

EOTD: Switch it Up!

Hello lovelies, 

While I was doing my makeup today, I realized I have been doing the exact same look for the past week: a brown, neutral eye. Soooo I decided to just switch it up and go for some purple. I guess I've been doing really simple look lately just because I've been in a rush most mornings. 

I did a purple and gold smokey-ish look. I've done purple and gold, but not these exact shades before. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

(Please excuse the horrid lines/bags under my eyes- I haven't been sleeping well as of late and I think it's starting to show! Yikes!)

Products used:

Stila eyeshadow in Saki
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Snatch
Unknown Revlon gold and cream eyeshadows(from the palette in THIS post)
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Flash
Orglamix eyeshadow in Bordeaux
Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero
Clinique High Impact mascara(I have a sample-sized tube of this and I'm loving it- just not loving that the full-size costs $15!)

So yes, I quite like this one, actually. I think I could've spiced it up a little bit with black winged-liner on the top, but I just didn't have the patience for that today. :P



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