Saturday, 24 July 2010

Review: Aerie Color Superfruit Vitamin Lipgloss

Hola everyone!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, but I've had a lot going on lately and didn't have much time to sit down and write. But I've been cleaning my house all day and now I'm taking a break to bring you my latest review: Aerie Color Superfruit Vitamin Lipgloss!

You might remember the post that Shelly did a little while back about Aerie Color; she reviewed the eyeshadow palettes, mascara, and the Volugloss lipgloss. Now it's my turn to take a spin with Aerie Color!

Aerie Color Superfruit Vitamin Lipgloss in Pout (Retail: 9.50)
(Please note that the tube I have is a small size that Aerie gave away as part of their A-list promotion, the full-sized tube is much bigger. )

(Yes, it's on my windowsill!)

Pout is a really lovely shade of medium-light pink with iridescent blue sparkles in it, which are REALLY hard to capture on camera, but here is a swatch that best shows them:

See all those blue flecks? Totally gorgeous! I really love this shade, and I think it might even be my new favorite lipgloss!

This picture doesn't really show just how pretty Pout is. In real life, the pink is a bit more vibrant, and you can actually see the blue shimmer better.

The texture is another thing I really love about this gloss- it's sticky enough so that it stays on my lips, but not so sticky that I feel like I'm wearing maple syrup! It has a good consistency that is easily applied, and it does last for a pretty good amount of time. Something I thought was interesting was that once the gloss itself wore off, I still had the baby-pink color on my lips. It didn't look like I was wearing any lip color, but I knew because it was a different color from my natural lip shade.

The next thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this gloss is the scent! It smells like tropical fruit, just like the name suggests. And I'm not talking about lipgloss-fruit-scent, I mean it really smells like tropical fruit! Something else I really like is that  I don't get any hints of that weird artificial lipgloss smell. This is one of those times where having your mouth be right under your nose is heaven! LOL!

It is a bit pricey, but I think that I would most likely repurchase this when I run out. 

All in all, Aerie Color Superfruit Vitamin lipgloss is a great gloss, from texture to scent to color. I would highly recommend this!

Have a great weekend!



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  2. i really like the lipstick i got from aerie color, but now it looks like it's been discontinued?? i can't find it on their website anymore =(

  3. Anon- I don't remember seeing any lipsticks from aerie Color. I only saw several lipglosses. Of course, that could just be what I saw at my local aerie stores. I also don't think they list the makeup on their website yet. Are you in the U.S? It might be different in different countries. But if they do/did have lipstick, I'm sorry that they don't carry it anymore! It always sucks when makeup that you like gets discontinued. :(


  4. Thanks for replying, Kieran!
    The one i got from aerie is called "kiss stick" in "cupid" color and i love it. so sad that i can't find it on their website. Well, i guess i'll check the store. I'm in New York, NY, so hopefully they'll carry it? I so wish they have it on their website. They gotta show it off this great product!

  5. Anon- No problem! That's what I'm here for, I LOVE reading and replying to comments. :D

    Does the Kiss Stick come in a long silver tube? I looked it up online and only found a handful of results and two or three pictures. I also looked in some of the press releases and didn't see much about lipstick. It's possible that it was specific to NY only? I hope you're able to find more, though! If it's as good as the Superfruit Vitamin lipgloss, I'm bummed I never got my hands on it! LOL!

  6. Yes, it's a long silver tube and it's quite awesome. Pretty color, good glide on, non-sticky. Love it. I think I got it in Boston. i didn't use it right away, so forgot which store i got it from. But i'll keep looking! I'll keep an eye out for the lipgloss too!

  7. I got the same stuff you did except in "baby" and I was wondering, if Aerie stopped selling these, because I can't find it at any store.

  8. -Taylor.Nicole:

    Yes, Aerie has sadly discontinued their makeup and botanical line. They generally come out with different body products quite often, but I haven't heard of any plans to re-launch the Aerie Color line. :(



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