Monday, 28 June 2010

Summer eyes

Blake Lively  
Can I just say that Blake Lively is gorgeous! I promised that I would share summer makeup with you whenever I saw a look worth sharesies, and girls have I found one totally worth sharing! I found it while doing a google search for Gossip Girl, because I wanted to know when the season started, and I came across this gem! Blake Lively, popped up of course, as she is on the show, but I am not here to share with you my fan girl-ness, I am here to explain, what was probably used in this look, and why it is george! 
I just love how her cheeks are so pink and cheery, it makes me think of pool parties and the lake, which in my opinion is the embodiment of summer. Next you have her eyes, I like how she didn't put on tons of eyeshadow, it looks like she used only a little highlighter on the lower inner lashline and a bit of a shimmery shade that closely matches her skin tone, so it looks totally natural. She finished the look off with a lovely shade of lipgloss. 

Next I am going to show you some products that would work well for a "recreation" ;

Blush:  Dream Mousse Blush by Maybelline in Peach Satin about $5.94 

Or for a splurge go for

                                                                                                    NARS Blush in Torrid about $26.00
Inner Corner of the eye:

 1 Kit eyeshadow by Cover Girl in French Vanilla about $2.75



 Eyeshadow by Urban Decay in Midnight Cowboy about $17.00

Eyeshadow on the lid:

 Eyeshadow by Flirt! in Bronze Splash about $12.00


 Eyeshadow by Stila in Sun about $18.00

There you go now go recreate!



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