Saturday, 20 March 2010

Review : Aerie Color

Hey, howdy, hi, pip pip cherio, whichever you prefer! I am here to tell you about some fantastic new products!

 Now I don't know about  Kieran, but for me it is a personal rule that you do not suggest or review something you have not tried. That is why I have held back on this review I could not wait to give, because I had not tried the product. But now I finally have, and let me tell you, I was blown away by what I have discovered! 

The products in question are from a line produced by "aerie, by American Eagle Outfitters" called "aerie color". Aerie color is a line of eyes and lips products that are said to produce " Eyes that shine... Lips that shimmer... Beauty that's naturally you." And they aren't lying. I honestly cannot find ANYTHING wrong with these products! Granted I have only tried the shadow, one of the lip glosses, and Mascara, but at the drugstore prices it won't take me long to try the whole collection! 

Let's start with the shadow.
 This is the most silky eyeshadow I have ever tried! It lasts a good twelve hours, and about an hour in the pool. The colors are vibrant, soft, smooth and plush. The compact is adorable, and COMPACT. These eye shadows are even good for you! They are infused with Honeysuckle, Aloe and Chamomile, for sensitive eyes and skin. If I do have to say something bad about it the only thing I can think of is the applicator could do with a little fine tuning, but who uses the applicators eyeshadows come with anyway?? For a drugstore price of $14.50 what's not to love? This product is APPROVED!"Long-wear, ultra-soft creaseless shadows comes in 4 palettes with 5 shades each. 3 for everyday, 1 fashion color and 1 deep shimmering, smoky shade for evening. Available in Irresistible (berry), Glam (green), Femme (blue) and Goddess (brown). Retail Price: $14.50"

Moving On! Vast Lash Mascara! 

"This high performing, multi-tasking mascara is enriched with wheat protein which helps fortify and condition lashes. Wait till you see our spiral brush technology. You’ll swear it’s a magic wand. Available only in Pitch Black. Retail Price: $10.50" 

How does aerie keep nailing there descriptions?! Because 
e every single one of them is spot on! Okay, so I am a mascara snob, I buy the same brand of mascara every three months, just like a good girl. I have tried everything from cheapo drugstore brands like wet 'n wild to uber expensive brands like chanel, and none of them have done for me what this mascara has! It is the longest wearing, easiest to get off, most unclumpy, smooth, most natural mascara I have ever used! It's got one of the coolest looking brushes ever, and for some reason that brush works like no other! This product is also APPROVED!

"Helps plump your pout without any of the burn. Increase lip fulness and minimize lines while delivering extra moisture. Available in 8 shades: Doll, Bare, Precious, Fizz, Lush, Sunrise, Luxe, Shimmer, and Sizzle. Retail Price: $9.50"

This lip gloss is a plumper, but it does not burn like most people are used too. That is why I lurve it. It comes in eight fantastic shades. It makes your lips look as if they have been dipped in a vat of liquid diamonds! It does not feel sticky at all, it is very smooth, it almost feels like you are just wearing lip balm! That is why this product is APPROVED!

Shelly ;)

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