Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wishful Thinking Thursday

Hello lovelies!

(Told ya I'd be back ;D)

I've taken a break from vacuuming to bring you Wishful Thinking Thursday! I love the idea of a weekly or bi-weekly post, so I decided to start one for myself! As you know, Shelly makes us all laugh with "That's Just Wrong" Wednesdays, thus I did not want to do a Wednesday post. I find that Thursdays are generally the days that I have more time for blogging, so I picked Thursdays. 

Ah, I'm starting to ramble. Sorry! Wishful Thinking Thursday will be a bi-weekly round up of some of the things I've had my eye on. Simple enough, right?

And before we go on, I wanted to mention that I LOVE reading wishlists. I highly encourage you to do a Wishful Thinking Thursday of your own and let me know! I'd really enjoy taking a look! 

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1. Floral Pleated Pocket Tube Dress from Torrid- I've been really enjoying the look of summery dresses lately, and have been thinking about purchasing one for myself, since I don't currently own any. I know the print of this dress is a little couch-y, but I still think it's very cute. I could imagine wearing this with a light shrug/cardigan, perhaps a belt at the waist, and a cute pair of sandals. 

2. True Blue Spa Super Rich Body Cream from Bath and Body Works- I'm a sucker for a good body cream, especially with my super dry skin. People have told me good things about this one, and I'm aching to try it out. (Downside? It's a tad pricey.)

3. Robot Watch Necklace from Forever21- It's a robot. It's a watch. It's a necklace. What more can I say?

4. Pineapple Orchid Candle from Bath and Body Works- I adore this scent! It's very fruity and citrus-y, with subtle floral notes. I currently have the mini-version in my bedroom, which makes the whole place smell AMAZING.

5. M&M Cookies- I have been craving M&M cookies! I finally made some on Tuesday, and luckily they turned out pretty well. (Image Credit)

So.... yes. I always feel awkward ending these posts. :P Let me know: What did you think of the items on this list? Are there any things you've been wanting lately? 



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