Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Favorite Shades: Part 1

Hello lovelies!

I know I've been neglecting you guys lately and I apologize for that, I've just been really busy and my brain has been a bit scattered the past week! I promise I haven't forgotten you, though!

Today I'm trying a new kind of post, it will be brought to you in 2-3 separate posts, and the topic will be my favorite shades. Shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, blush... you get the idea. I'm just trying this out, so if this post is a total failure, then this "series" will be canceled. :P I've decided the first post will be on my favorite purple eyeshadow shades. I love purple eyeshadow because it can be daring or wearable, and it compliments green eyes, as well as just being a beautiful color! I picked out my four favorite purple eyeshadows to talk about in this post.

Have a look:

(Left to Right: Purple shade from Ulta's Cool Eyeshadow Quad, Orglamix Bordeaux, purple shade from Maybelline's ExpertWear Eyeshadow palette in Hushed Tints, Urban Decay Flash.)

Okay, I'm pretty close to just tossing my camera out of the window... it's horrible with swatch pictures! I assure you that all of these purples are much more vibrant in real life, and the Orglamix shade isn't so brown, it's more of a deep, wine purple. 

This is the Ulta shadow. As you can see, it's been very well used so far. I love this one for purple smoky-eyes that are still wearable for the daytime.

This is probably one of my favorite loose mineral eyeshadows. It has nice, workable color that also makes great dark purple eyeliner when applied wet with an angled brush.

Urban Decay Flash- my new love! Super bright, satiny purple with teeny flecks of pink(glitter). Great for fun, summery looks!
(I have this shade in the Show Pony Shadow Box- expect a review on that soon!) 

This purple is from a Maybelline ExpertWear eyeshadow palette called Hushed Tints. It is a very subtle color with soft pigmentation, so it's a perfect building color, and I like to use it to blend other purple shades together.
So yes! There you have it. What are your favorite purple eyeshadows? Or is there another color you like the most? 




  1. I'm such of fan of purple shadow. These all look like great colors!

  2. Even so, that Ulta shadow is pretty as a brownish shade. I wish I knew more about color matching with my camera; it hates purple.


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