Friday, 27 July 2012

Misikko... you kind of rock.

Hello lovelies!

This post is probably going to be a bit random, as it's not necessarily about any Misikko product in particular, but the way they shipped them to me. ;)

I recently won a little contest from Misikko, and when the package arrived... I was very impressed. I can't say enough how much I LOVE it when companies take the time to really put a package together nicely before they send it out. Take a looksie!

Boring ol' cardboard box, right?

Well, open it up and you'll find...

Gah! The cuteness! Can't even... 
(To be fair, everything inside was a little more neatly packed than what you see here... I had to rearrange it all after I ripped into it. xD)

I was only expecting the three products I had won, so seeing all of this was a lovely surprise. I actually won a flat-iron from Misikko on another beauty blog quite a while ago, and the package was also incredibly sweet and well thought-out, much like this one.

First up, we have a heat-protectant mat, which is lovely since mine is getting a bit worn out, tied up with an adorable ribbon and fake white rose.

And the monkeys! Oh, the monkeys. I have a soft-spot for plush monkeys, and I don't know why, so these little guys were too cute! 

Underneath that, we have the three products I won, along with two pink drawstring bags that hold hand sanitizer and nail files. You can never have too much sanitizer(or nail files, really.)!

Up in the corner, a little plastic box of soap-roses!

Bit of a closeup here...

And, of course, the actual items that were in the prize.
Left to right:

So, yes, great packaging, Misikko! It's really appreciated on my part. :)

BUT WAIT- there's MORE!

Oh yes, you heard right.

What's that I see, tucked under the bubble-wrap? 

Psh, heck yes. 




  1. Aw, I love getting packages in the mail. I won a giveaway recently too and the way these girls pack nice! :]

    You got lots of goodies here~ congrats! ^^

  2. Hi Keiran,
    I'm John, the Manager/Stylist here at Misikko.

    I'm so happy that you liked the extra love we put into our packages. Each ribbon, piece of bubble wrap, and item is tied, cut, and placed individually by some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I'll let them know you loved it and please give us a call if you need anything!

  3. @tiffyama- Thanks! Misikko packages seriously rock! Congratulations on your win, too. :)

    @John- I really, sincerely enjoy getting Misikko packages. Like I said, it means a lot to me when companies take the time to put it together nicely. I don't even want to take everything out of the box, it's so cute! Haha. :P Thanks for your comment!



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