Saturday, 18 December 2010

How to look like a total tool, (a guide).

* Disclaimer: I am not serious, this is a joke. Repeat, this is a joke, not to be taken seriously. :D

So if you have been looking for a tutorial on how to be and or look like a tool, you have come to the right place! I know a tool is what you all aspire to be so enjoy!

#1 Get a tan to look like this, except less Farrel-y. You won't regret this, but the people around you will.
#2 Buy an Ed Hardy T-shirt. If it's a polo, even better. You are now on the metaphoric yellow brick road to toolishness. 
#3 Wear a baseball hat backwards, you'll eventually look like this guy, which is what we aspire too. 
#4 Buy some Oakley shades or equally reflective sunglasses. So that everyone can see what you see, because it is like so, important, yo. 

#5 Do your hair like this, when you are not wearing your Baseball cap backwards, of course. 
#6 And now for number six, probably the most important thing to remember, if there is a chance of a fight, a fight there will be. Yeah, you're just that cool. 



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