Saturday, 18 December 2010

Aerie Color.

So if you cannot tell that Kieran and I are kind of in love with Aerie Color, you must be new around here or you don't pay much attention (don't worry we still love you). Anyway, that is why it is my obligation to tell you that Aerie Color AND Aerie Botanicals have both been discontinued, due to American Eagle Outfitters budget cuts. The good part: because of the discontinuation everything is on clearance for three dollars and some change. That means that lotion you've been totally coveting for the last month that normally costs $12.95 (or something) is now about three dollars - FULL SIZED, yeah that's right, be shocked. Before it got discontinued Aerie came out with it's holiday collection  and let me just tell you it is absolutely luscious! I got a twenty dollar full face compact that is about $20.00 for $3.00. I am sure they must have had quite a lot of stock left because I find out about a week after they made the call (that was last week) and they still had quite a few things, so no need to hurry, but I know you want too! Anyway this is a courtesy post for all of you Aerie and/or deal lovers out there.


(a sad) Shelly

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