Saturday, 13 November 2010

The many issue filled fashions of the movie "Labyrinth"...

So my friends and I had a movie night recently, at a friend's house. We watched "Labyrinth", with David Bowie in it? Yeah, that one. It also involved Camel-Nose, yeah, that's what I said. I would like to explain how this term came about, but first I have to show you a picture;
David Bowie's junk-y Camel-nose. Source
Best example of Camel-nose I can show you without having to use a picture of Adam Lambert? Yes, yes it is.  So why do I use this term. Well when David Bowie (who plays Jareth, the Goblin King) first shows up, Kieran and I had a first hand, up and close view of the aforementioned junk, and Kieran threw out with great gusto, "Look it's CAMEL-NOSE!". And it was very startling, so I asked what she meant by it, and she replied with an explanation of it's a man's version of Camel-Toe. So yeah, it's safe to say that we had an epic movie night, in fact I think we may have rewound the movie a couple of times to ahem, to put into the words of moi, "stare at David Bowie's junk". And really it got me thinking about some of the recent fashions that have come out. Pants have gone from tight, to tighter, to really-what-the-hell-tight. Kind of like the progression we see in Jareth's pants from the beginning of the movie to the trippy stair scene at the end.

If I am going to talk about Mr. Bowie's trousers I cannot forget the other bits of fashion we see in other parts of the movie.
Jennifer Connolly in Labyrinth Source

Although her acting may have left a bit to be desired her shirt did not. After seeing this movie again, as a somewhat older person (I was six the last time I saw it), I am now on the hunt for a peasant blouse that is Sarah-esque. If you see one email us :)

One of the things I find interesting is that just to prove it's status as an eighties movie they include this;
The dress Source

The sleeves the glitter that almost literally engulfs Sarah, and the hair, oh the hair, what can I say?  I don't think I can actually say anything to be honest, so I think this post is over.... But just for laughs;
How cute?! Source



  1. lol....what fun! Rent 'The Three Musketeers' with Gerard Depareau in it. There's a fast scene where he falls out of the hayloft naked. Whoever does the fall does it nude cuz I saw a man-thing as he fell. Slo-mo it. ;)

  2. lol, I will now be watching that... Tonight :)



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