Saturday, 9 October 2010

Review: Wet n Wild Color Icon Princess Bronzer

Hello lovelies,

I recently got some Wet n Wild goodies in the mail, one of which was the Color Icon Bronzers which I will be reviewing for you today. :)

The Color Icon Bronzers come in two different shades; Goddess and Princess. The shade that I recieved is Princess, which is a very dark, coppery-brown color.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Princess (Retail: 2.99)

I'll admit, when I first saw this bronzer, I was pretty intimidated. I have very light skin, and so it's hard for me to find a bronzer that doesn't look like I've applied dirt or a fake tan all over my face. I don't even use bronzer that much, and when I do, I use it very sparingly.

Before I get to the actual bronzer, I want to just mention that the brush that comes with the Color Icon Bronzers aren't that bad, which is surprising, considering most bronzers/blushes have terrible brushes. You can actually use this one to apply the bronzer if you're out and don't have another brush with you. I personally don't use this brush, because it puts just a bit too much product on my ghostly face! xD But I'm sure if you have darker skin you could easily use the brush.

Now, onto the bronzer itsself!

The first time I used Princess, I was impressed at how soft it was! I ran my finger across it to swatch, and it was like silk! I love it when products like this are soft, because it usually means blending will be a breeze.

These pictures don't really show how dark that Princess is... I'd say it's about 2-3 shades deeper than what you see in the picture.

I applied Princess along my cheekbones, which is the only place that bronzer ever looks good on me. It was waayyy too dark on me, and for a minute, I got really bummed. But! I am not one to give up easily, so I tried it again and found a way to make it work and actually look good on my paleness. I use the E.L.F Bronzing brush and then gently press it onto the bronzer, then I tapped off the excess so that I had just a bit of product on the brush. Then, very gently, I applied it onto the apples of my cheek, blending up my cheekbones. Finally, I took a small kabuki brush and used it to blend loose powder over the bronzer. I was left with a nice subtle bronze glow that I love.

And as for the staying power? Fantastic.

So, if you are pale like me, don't be afraid to try out the Princess bronzer, as long as you don't mind trying a few different application techniques. And if you have darker skin, I think this would look GORGEOUS on you.



Disclaimer: The product featured in this post was provided to Lace Escapades by Wet n Wild. I am receiving no compensation for this post. All opinions here are mine, and completely honest.


  1. Ah, you gave it a whirl! That's wonderful that you found a way to make it work for fair skin.
    Nice to know that the brush is actually a fairly nice one too.

  2. One of my friends gave this bronzer to me a while ago as part of a little gift-swap we did, and I haven't used it yet... I'll try it using your method and see if it works!


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