Monday, 28 June 2010

The Wonder That Is...

Crayons, that is the wonder I speak of, They just saved me about fifty dollars, because you can make lipstick out of them! I made four lipsticks for the price of buying crappy lip balm, talk about fantastic! anyway onto the recipe.

Three crayola non toxic crayons
One tablespoon mineral oil
A container
and that's it, heat ingredients together in a double boiler, I suggest using an old can as the top of the boiler, because the lipstick will be hella hard to wash out of there.

These  are the colors I made;


I figured since I was making lipstick with crayons, I had right to make crazy colors. I was kind of dissapointed with the pictures though because if you actually saw me wearing them they are much, much, brighter, but hey what can I say, I use a cell phone camera, because it is what I have. Sorry. 

I hope you all have as much fun making your crayon lippy as I did,


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