Saturday, 6 March 2010

What I'm Loving Now: Sequins!


I am LOVING sequins right now, they can offer just the right splash of glam to an every day outfit, and can also be a hidden surprise if used on something small, like a belt or a headband.

Sequins are really easy to over-do, but when used in moderation, they can be super fabulous!

(NOTE: Click on the links in the picture captions to go to the product's page, where you can purchase these items.)

Check out this cute black sequined tank from Urban Minx. (Retail: $155)
Totally adorable, right? REALLY pricey, though. Here is a great substitute!

This tank is from Isaac Mizrahi for Target, and retails for about $27.99, I believe.

Check out this smokin' hot mini-dress from this Etsy shop! (Retail: $148)

And take a look at this gorgeous blue party dress, also from an Etsy shop. (Retail: $35)

How about these haute sequin leggings from Newport News? (Retail: $39)

I LOVE this sequin embellished tee from Target! (Retail: $17.99)

Super chic sequined platform pumps from Nordstrom! (Retail: On sale for $59.90)

For just a pop of shimmery-goodness, try this adorable headband from ModCloth! (Retail $19.99)

Now, before I get too crazy with the pictures, I'm going to stop here, but also leave you with this note: There are SO many gorgeous sequin clothing items and accessories out there, for ever kind of size and budget, so you aren't limited to these items! I wish I could list more, but like I said, I'd go picture crazy and this post would be miles long! LOL!



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  1. It's all so Sequiny...

    Sequins do look good, for the most part, but it can really depend on the placement of them.

    Like I wouldn't suggest to a larger women that she should wear them around the stomach (belts, shirt fringe) and to skinnier women it's the opposite. It can also depend on the color of the sequins and your skin tone.

    I personally wouldn't wear them, althought that may have something to do with me being a guy... Anyway, First post! Whoo!


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