Monday, 8 February 2010

CVS Beauty Clearance Sale: A Dream Come True!

Hi! Kieran here. I'd like to start off by saying that this post would not be possible without the lovely Recessionista from Nouveau Cheap, because if she didn't post about the huge CVS makeup sale, I wouldn't have known! So thanks, Recessionista!

Now, on to the post!
I've been keeping a careful eye on the CVS beauty clearance sale for a while, since a boat-load of cosmetics are marked down 50-75%! I've purchased a few Revlon lipsticks and some makeup remover while they were on clearance, and of course that made me a very happy girl!

But earlier today, I stopped at CVS with my sister and my lovely mom to pick up a few things and I decided to check out the makeup(of course!), to see if they still had cosmetics on clearance, and they did. Not as much as when they first started out, obviously, but still, there were quite a few items with those little green stickers. At first, I contemplated purchasing some more Revlon lipsticks, but then I saw it.

Physician's Formula products, 75% off.

I could've died. I swear.

I know that some people don't really care for Physician's Formula, but I like it quite a bit. And this was the first time I've seen them marked down for the clearance sale. There were various blushes, bronzers, and some foundations that were marked down, but the things that caught my eye were the loose powders and finishing veils. I've always wanted to try them, but like most Physician's Formula products, they are pretty pricy, between 12-16 bucks a pop. So I jumped at the chance to try them out, and purchased one of each.

Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Matte Finishing Veil in "Translucent" (Retail: 12.99)
I paid: 3.25

Physician's Formula Organic Wear Loose Powder in "Creamy Natural" (Retail: 14.99)
I paid: 3.75

Crazy awesome price, right? My mom even bought herself one of the jars of loose powder to try out! From what I can tell by looking at the product, these powders will probably be really smooth and easy to apply, but I'll find out soon enough!

Oh, and before I forget, while I was at CVS I also picked up a cute Rimmel London single blush!

Rimmel London Mono Blush in Pink Rose. (Retail 3.50)
I paid: 0.87

And I repeat: Crazy awesome price! Oh, and that little smudge on the corner of the packaging is just some of the leftover glue from a CVS label.

I can't wait to try these babies out and hopefully have a review up soon!



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