Sunday, 22 July 2012

Review: Softlips Cherry Lip Balm Protectant

Hello lovelies!

I recently joined a Softlips survey panel, and as a thank-you they sent me a package of the Cherry Lip Balm Protectant.  

Softlips Cherry Lip Balm Protectant Value Pack
Retail: Around 2.97

I'm gonna go ahead and start by saying that I'm such a lip balm-junkie. I hate having chapped lips, which I get quite often, so I always have lip balm in my purse, my bathroom counter, my desk, vanity, etc,. So... yeah. Lots of balm. 

Softlips is a brand that I really enjoy, so getting these in the mail was a pleasant surprise! Let's talk about the packaging. The balm comes in a long, sleek white tube with red writing, which I prefer over the bulky ChapStick tubes. Here's a photo for comparison: 

(I know it looks like there's dirt on the lid of the Softlips tube, but I promise it's just a shadow from the wrapper!)

The Softlips tubes are much more convenient to pop in your pocket, since they're much smaller, and you get a little more control in where the balm goes, so that you don't end up with a shiny balm-ring around your mouth, if that makes any sense? :P Plus, the tubes are cuter. Haha! 

It works in the same, standard lip balm/ChapStick tube way, with the twist-up bottom. Once in a while the balm will get stuck and not retract, so I'll have to just pop it back down with my pinky. No big deal. 

Another comparison between the Softlips balm and ChapStick is that the Softlips balm offers SPF 20, while ChapStick is only SPF 4. Sun protection is important, even on your lips! 

The scent, obviously, is cherry, and it smells very much like cherry candy or cherry ChapStick. I really love the scent, but I could never use the cherry ChapStick because it was dyed red, so it would usually make my mouth look weirdly irritated. What I love about the cherry Softlips is that it's clear, so no red stains for me! 

More importantly, it's very moisturizing! It feels so smooth and soft when I put it on. I carry it around in my pocket with me so that whenever my lips are chapped I can just reach for this baby, which is really important since it's been very cold and windy here lately. It also lasts a pretty long time, so I don't have to constantly re-apply every five minutes.

I would say that if your lips are VERY cracked and dry, you should exfoliate them before you apply this balm- or any balm for that matter, so that it doesn't just get trapped/build up in the little bits of cracked skin. 

Grrr... .my Softlips addiction is growing. 

Tell me, have you tried Softlips? Or do you prefer a different lip balm? 




  1. Softlips all the way baby! It's my go to balm and I love it! You're right, it's super moisturizing and it tastes great. Plus I love how feminine the stick itself it.

    Don't feel to bad about the growing addiction - softlips are always a must


  2. Lauren- The taste is soooo nice. *_* And it kind of tingles, which is always fun! I also love how feminine the stick is... so much more sleek than a bulky ol' ChapStick!



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