Sunday, 6 February 2011

Review: Avon Moisture Effective Makeup Remover Lotion

Hello lovelies!

Today I just kind of hung around the house and walked my dogs, listening to all of the people having Super Bowl parties in my neighborhood. I've never really cared much for football, so I didn't watch the game. However, I did tune in and watched a bit of The Black Eyes Peas and Usher perform during half-time... not impressed.


Today I have a review of Avon's Moisture Effective Makeup Remover Lotion, which I have been using for some time now.

Retail: 4.00, on sale for 1.99-

I had been using this makeup remover for a while and then I lost my bottle when I took a trip to California, but I bought another one a while ago, and figured it would be a good chance to do a review. :)

As the name suggests, the product has a very lotion-like consistency, and doesn't have much of a smell. When I take my eye makeup off with it, I dab a little bit on a cotton ball and swipe it across my eyes.

Here's an example of the effectiveness of the remover. I used it to take off the swatches from the Stila Girl Travel Palette. Granted, I did use a bit too much of the lotion for this, but it comes out of the bottle pretty quickly. Whoops!
I poured the lotion directly onto the makeup for this, as you can see, and then I used a cotton ball to spread it around. Then I wiped it off completely with a clean cotton ball. 

Ta-da! All gone!

One of the wonderful things about Moisture Plus is that it doesn't irritate the skin around my eyes, and it doesn't dry it out, either. Another plus is that if you get a little bit in your eye, it really does not sting.(Of course, make sure you wash it out!)

I know that this review isn't very long, but I think really, this is all you need to know! It's a great makeup remover, and if lotion removers are your thing, give this a shot!



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