Sunday, 15 July 2012


I am a big cheap- skate, I cannot stand to pay more than five dollars for a bottle of polish. This proves difficult because good polish is normally way up there in price. Like Essie brand polish, which is my favorite is like eight dollars, and you don't get much. However, my cheap-skate nature is fantastically excited every time I walk into Walgreens. Why? Because they sale a brand of polish called Sinful Colors and it lasts and looks just as good as any expensive polish I have ever bought. This time I walked into the store I found new colors, on sale two for three!

Why Not. 
This was a very opaque polish, it glides on smooth and you don't need more than one coat.

San Francisco 
This one is soooo my favorite. It is gorgeous, this picture does not do it justice. It took two coats for complete coverage.

Nail Junkie
I am kind of disappointed with this one. It is not a very green-blue, which is what I wanted, it is more of a baby blue with different sized glitters. It's still pretty, but not my favorite. 

Show Me the Way
This one is the same color as San Fran, but lighter. It also took two coats.

Blue Moon 
This one is Wet 'n Wild. I love the color, but it took five coats to make it look good. FIVE. 

Left to right: Show Me the Way, Nail Junkie, San Francisco, Why Not, and Blue Moon. 


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