Friday, 16 April 2010

One of the makeup products I most regret buying.

It's Kieran again!

As most of us know, not EVERY makeup product out there is going to be as amazing as the commercials and print ads say(curse you, false advertising!), and I've had my fair share of bad makeup experiences. The product I am about to tell you about is no exception.

Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast in Citrus Flair. Retail: 7.50 at Target

Oh, how I SO wanted to love this.

Before I go on, here is what the website has to say about the product:

"The two different, specially contoured ends of our ShadowBlast stick make it easy to create a bold, colorful, smoky eye. A duo of expertly paired shades provide the bold, spotlight-ready looks loved by today's hottest makeup artists."

After seeing various commercials for this dual-ended cream eyeshadow stick, I decided to go to Target and pay the $7.50 for one of them. When I got there, they had every one of the colors on display. And man, I was floored at how pretty they were. I ended up picking out the shade Citrus Flair. Who could resist the total uniqueness of the idea of having a lime-green-and-copper smoky eye? I was so excited for this product.

Until I tried it.

First, the commercials claim that the shadows are easy-to-blend, so that anyone can achieve the popular colorful smoky eye.  Not really.
It was almost impossible for me to blend these shadows without wiping them off, so I ended up looking really strange with two colors on my lid that were totally separate from each other. But I decided to just go with it and went about my day. I noticed that the shadows felt really greasy AND sticky on my eyelids, which is SO not a plus. And after maybe two hours of wear, the shadows were so creased it was amazing. I had a huge, clumpy line of green and brown across my eyelid. I was so disappointed, but I kept my chin up and tried it the next day with some eyelid primer. I had the exact same result as I did the day before. I tried to convince myself that it would be okay, so I wore it a few mores time after that with no such luck.

Interestingly enough, the most recent time I used it, the copper end of the stick BROKE. As in, completely snapped off, even though I didn't have it twisted up very far.

All in all, I was very, very disappointed in this product, considering all of the hype that's been surrounding it.

So, if you just happen to have just bought a Smoky Shadow Blast, I would recommend returning it and getting your money back. In my opinion, 7-8 bucks is just too much to spend on something that will be unblendable, crease, and break in the end.

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  1. Ahw, that's dissapointing. =/ I almost bought the one for the black smoke-y eye on Friday. Good thing I didn't!


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