Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Mini Mall Haul

Hello everyone! Kieran here with a small haul from the mall! (Don't you love the rhyme? Heheh!)

Today, Shelly and I, along with our friend Victoria, went to the mall just to kind of hang out and maybe do a little bit of shopping. We wanted to look at some prom dresses, but we ended up not doing that... shows how easily we are distracted! We don't have a very good strategy when it comes to how we walk through the mall. We may walk ALL the way to one end and then walk ALL the way back down, and then go ALL the way the other way AGAIN, because we always forget where stores are or what stores we want to hit. And that's just the bottom level!

I only bought things from two stores, but that's good! I gave myself a budget and didn't even spend all of that budget. Good Kieran! I think I deserve a pat on the head for that. LOL!

Here's a quick look at what I got:

First, we stopped in at Forever 21. You may be surprised to learn that I have NEVER been in a Forever 21 before today, even though there is a huge one in my mall! We looked at clothes and some pretty gladiator-inspired sandals for a while, but there was nothing that we really wanted or wanted to shell out the cash for. It's pretty pricey stuff!

But then, my lovelies, we hit the jackpot.


Oh yes. Clearance shelves are my best friend. I love getting a good bargain and I am not ashamed of buying things that are on clearance. I save SO much money that way!

They had a lot of accessories on clearance: scarves, bracelets, glasses, necklaces, etc. We were browsing those little shelves for a long time, trying things on, trying to figure out what to get. Finally, I found an awesome pair of sunglasses, as you can see in the above picture. They are a very pretty pewter-gray color with a metal piece on the very top. I love them! I also found a black leather bracelet with silver chains on it. What I love about this bracelet is that is is one piece, but if you wrap it a little, it looks like two bracelets. It also has a snap-closure on it so that I could even wear it as a necklace. Shelly also picked up two pairs of super cute glasses. Here is a closer look at the two items I got, sorry it's so blurry! =(

Sunglasses: On clearance for $2.00
Leather bracelet: On clearance for $1.00

So, before tax, I only spent 3 bucks at Forever 21. Seems like a pretty good deal to me! 

Next, we went to Victoria's Secret. When we walked in, one of the sales ladies informed us that all of the PINK body products were on a special, mix & match 3 for $12. That's really amazing because normally, each of the PINK body items retails for $12 each! We looked around for a while, and admired the Victoria's Secret eyeshadows, which are soooo silky and nice! And then we sniffed the Love Rocks perfume and the Sexy Little Things Noir perfume, which both smell AHHH-MA-ZING and also come in the cutest bottles! Then we looked at the PINK bath/body items and I decided to jump on the 3/$12 deal and picked up these three items:

PINK Body Mist in Citrus & Mint: $12.00 or limited time 3/$12

PINK Sugar Scrub in Citrus & Mint: $12.00 or limited time 3/$12
PINK Body Lotion in Cucumber & Water Lily: $12.00 or limited time 3/$12

I wanted to get the lotion in the same scent as the scrub and the mist, but I wasn't too crazy about how the Citrus & Mint lotion smelled, and the Cucumber & Water Lily lotion is a very clean scent, but to me smells a bit like bubble gum! I should also tell you right now that the sugar scrub smells just like walking into a Jamba Juice store. I love that smell!

It cost about $13 and change after tax for all three items, but I only had to pay $3 and the change because I had a $10 Secret Rewards card from a bra I ordered from the website in March! I will use these products for a few days and then hopefully have some reviews up about them, however, I can tell you that a while after I got home I used some of the sugar scrub on my arms and WOW... I love it already. But I'll wait to give you any details until the review!

Remember Shelly's post about the Aerie makeup? Well, we stopped in at Aerie and our friend Victoria tried the mascara that Shelly loves so much and ended up buying one! 

After several hours of shopping, we stopped at the food court and got drinks, blizzards and some dinner.

I only spent about $7 and change for all of the stuff I got today, and I had a really good time hanging out with Shelly and Victoria. Good day indeed!




  1. Let me know how the lotion and sugar scrub work out! I had fun too. :)

  2. I have that lotion from VS, and I love it!


  3. Remy- That's cool! Do you think it smells like bubblegum, too? :)


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