Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder Review || Jadoo & Deja Vous

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a review of Bellepierre Shimmer Powders, which I finally caved and purchased from a stand in my local mall a little while ago. They were on sale, but I still considered it a splurge. I had been eyeing the vast array of colors for some time, and I couldn't resist for any longer!

Shimmer Powders are essentially loose mineral eyeshadows, and Bellapierre sells them in a variety of colors, ranging from electric blue(Ha Ha) to smokey black(Noir). The shades I purchased are Jadoo, which is a dark brick red with subtle copper undertones, and Deja Vous, which is a fair champagne color with hints of baby pink. As the product name suggests, the colors are shimmery, but blend to a very wearable satin finish. Thankfully, there are no chunks of glitter to be found in either color I bought, and it seemed that most(if not all) of the Shimmer Powders were glitter free when looking at them in person.

After wearing both shades several times for differing periods of time, I can say that overall I feel satisfied with the purchase. Jadoo applies evenly and is very pigmented, so not much product is needed per application. Deja Vous seems a bit streakier to me, and I need to apply a second thin layer to make sure no skin shows through the color. However, it is a lovely shade once applied, and stays on very well. I'd say after about 5-6 hours, the Shimmer Powders do seem to show a bit of wear, but no thick creasing until 7-8 hours, which seems to be standard time for most mineral shadows. 

Jadoo and Deja Vous under artificial light

And under natural sunlight.
I had no trouble at all blending the colors, and they seem to work very nicely together. I've been wearing them together with some chocolate brown shadow and eyeliner as a deep red smokey eye, and it is surprisingly wearable. I don't own many shadows in the red range, but Jadoo is very pleasing, and I think would look gorgeous on most skin tones.

The only complaint I have is the price. You get 2.35g of product for roughly $15, which is what you'd pay for most high-end eyeshadows. I really wish these were more in the $8-10 range, which seems for fitting for the quality. If the Shimmer Powders were cheaper, I would definitely purchase a few more, but I feel like $15 is a bit much for these. However, as I said, I feel overall pretty happy with my purchase, and I will continue to use my Shimmer Powders until they are used up! 



Disclaimer: Any products mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money, and I am receiving no compensation from Bellapierre. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. Lace Escapades in not affiliated with Bellapierre Cosmetics. 

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