Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I got my Zoya!

Hello lovelies!

Whew, it's been a buuusssyyy week for me! How has your week been?

On Monday, I got my three free Zoya nail polishes in the mail. It took a while, but at least they got here! I just wanted to do a quick post to show you what polishes I chose!

L to R: Dovima, Cheryl, Luna.
(That's my dog, Friday, getting in on the picture action in the background. :P)

Dovima is a matte, charcoal black polish. It looks like there might be a few flecks of glitter mixed it, but there is no shimmer whatsoever. 

Luna is the eye-catcher of the group! Tons of silver glitter in a light gray base. 

Cheryl is a beautiful dark red, with brown and gold undertones, with some gold shimmer. 

I apologize for the blue-ish tint to these photos, the weather has been really strange lately, which doesn't make  for good pictures. On another note, I'm not very good at doing nail swatches, which is why you've never seen any from me on this blog, but I really want to show these beauties, so when it gets sunnier out, I'll hopefully be able to get some good pictures! 

Bonus picture!

This is another one of my pups, Merlin. He was staring at the windy trees through the window when I was taking pictures of the polish bottles, and I couldn't help but snap one of him!

Did you take advantage of the Zoya deal? If so, what polishes did you get?



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  1. I got 6 during that promotion and one of them was Dovima. After I finish my Valentines Manicure Marathon I'm putting this beaut right in line to use! I'll be looking for your swatches though!!!!


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