Thursday, 20 May 2010

10 items you must have in your closet to survive summer

Summer is here! It's here, it's here, it's here!! I feel like shouting out and letting everyone know that my season has arrived! I think I have done that already though :P. So in light of the fact that it is summertime I have decided to provide you fanciful people with a list. Yes a list, of the 10 thing you aught not be caught dead without. And here for your reading pleasure are the 10 items you will need in your closet to survive my favorite season.

1. Flow-y top

Urban Outfitters $38.00

2. A light purse

Tillys $24.99

3. Cardigan

Tillys $27.97
4. Tank top

Tillys $23.99
5. Sandals 

Tillys $12.99
6. Linen pants or shorts

American Eagle Outfitters $24.95
7. Capris

American Eagle Outfitters $29.50
8. Shorts

American Eagle Outfitters $24.95
9. Summer Dress

Hollister Co. $29.89
10. Flip Flops

Hollister Co. $9.89


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