Monday, 7 December 2009

Copper Cat-Eyes: Tutorial

Hello fellow Escapaders! Kieran here with my ver first makeup tutorial! This is a look I came up with a little while ago, inspired by the metallic colors that I have been seeing so much of, and a different take on the classic Cat-Eye. It's fairly simple and I hope you like it!

What you will need to achieve this look is:

-Black eyeliner pencil
-Gold creme eyeshadow
-Light-yellow powder eyeshadow
-Black Mascara

-Eyeshadow brush
-Eyelash curler

Take the gold creme shadow on your brush and cover your entire eyelid in slow, steady strokes. You can extend this shadow to the inner corner of your eye, like I did.
**TIP** Make sure the creme shadow is not too dark; a lighter gold or copper color works best.

Apply a light amount of the yellow eyeshadow over the creme shadow. Blend this into your crease and down to the corners of your eyes.
**TIP** Again, this eyeshadow should be fairly light. The yellow should enhance the gold- not hide it.

Rim your entire bottom lid with black eyeliner, and extend the inner line further so that it reaches towards the bridge of your nose. Not too far, though! This should create the illusion of longer, cat-like eys.
**TIP** Don't line your upper lid, but do blend the eyeliner up to your lash line.

Curl your eyelashes and apply your mascara, I highly reccomend Rimmel London's Sexy Curves mascara in Blackest Black for this. The goal is super long, sexy lashes on the top.
**NOTE** I am not wearing Sexy Curves in this picture, I took these before I purchased Sexy Curves mascara. I am using  one coat of L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in this picture.

Now you are all finished! I love to wear this eye makeup when I go to parties, or even sometimes during the day for a change of pace!

I hope you liked it =D



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