Monday, 23 November 2009

Dollar Tree super finds!

Hey everyone, it's Kieran!

While I was on a recent trip to my local Dollar Tree store, I was browsing the makeup aisle just because. I wasn't planning on buying anything, since I don't usually trust the shady Dollar Tree off-brands of makeup, especially eye makeup. I just never buy it. However, while I was looking at all of the little plastic packages of makeup and considering buying an eyebrow brush, I noticed a little package with a small pink container inside of it. I picked it up and discovered that it was Maybelline Dream Mousse blush! This is a product that I have seen in several stores, I don't remember the exact retail price, but I do remember seeing it somewhere for around 8.99. (It could cost more or less, depending on the store.)

Now, although I was SUPER excited, I realized I should probably make sure nothing was wrong with the product. I looked it over as much as I could without opening the package, and decided that it was in perfect condition. So I tossed it into my basket of course! Upon close inspection, I saw that there were quite alot of the blushes on the rack. I almost got another one when I saw the rest of the Maybelline products! There were Dream Mousse eyeshadows, some lipliners, eyeliners, lipsticks, lipglosses and a few other things. There were also some Covergirl products! My guess is that the Dollar Tree had so many name-brand products due to accidental over-orders of the products. I could be wrong, just guessing here. ;-D But I picked up a few things;

- Covergirl Eyeslicks gel eyeshadow pencils in Shimmering Pebble and Neon Pink(These came in packs of two, so thats 50 cents a piece- can you say WOW?)

-Maybelline Great Wear Budge-Proof eyeliner in Dark Chocolate(I believe this retails for around 3.99, and I've been needing a new waterproof eyeliner, so yay!)

-Maybelline Wet Shine Fusion lip color in Pink Sunset(Love this color so far!)

-Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Pink Frosting(Very bright! But also pretty!)

My digital camera is dead at the moment, so I took a quick webcam picture of some swatches. I didn't swatch the Neon Pink Eyeslicks because I forgot, but I'm just so excited to show you these swatches! Here they are!

All of the swatches are pretty true to color, but the Pink Frosting is just a little bit brighter, and Pink Sunset is not as brown. The Neon Pink Eyeslicks is pretty close to the color of the blush except, well, more neon! LOL!

I read around the Beauty Blogosphere a little bit, and many other beauty bloggers have found these products in their Dollar Tree's as well!
All of this cost me only FOUR dollars! So if you have a Dollar Tree close by, I would sugest going there and checking things out!



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