Thursday, 8 October 2009

Rimmel London's Sexy Curves Mascara: Review

 Hey everyone, Kieran here!
As someone who has naturally short eyelashes, I'm always on the lookout for a good mascara. Something that can give my eyelashes enough volume and length without being too over-dramatic. I have tried MANY mascaras, from the really cheap brands to the expensive department-store kind. The biggest problem that I usually have with mascara is that it  always sticks to my lashes in big globs, and never lasts as long as it is advertised to. Then I found Rimmel London's Sexy Curves mascara and fell in in love.

It has a unique triple-plump brush for perfect definition and length. When I applied the first stroke of mascara I had instant results- My lashes were so much longer than they were without the mascara! So after I applied a few more strokes, I had beautiful definition and dramatic length. In the commercials and ads for this product, the model's eyelashes are incredibly long and defined, while I didn't get results quite as perfect as those, I got pretty close. Sexy Curves mascara dried very quickly once it was on my eyelashes, which made it a little bit difficult to apply several strokes, therefor making it a teeny bit clumpy. It was nothing too noticeable, however, and I was able to de-clump my eyelashes with a basic eyelash brush.  Sexy Curves mascara is also advertised to last up to 12 hours, though I'm not sure it did. It did last for quite some time, but not exactly 12 hours.
I bought this mascara at my local Walgreens for around $7.50.
So even though it does have it's flaws, for only $7.50, Sexy Curves is a really good mascara.

                    Buy now!

I give this product 4 out of 5 kisses.


* I was not given this product to review, I purchased it myself. The reviews and opinions here are mine and mine alone.

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